Friday, July 18, 2008

As Kids See It (2)

I had my four-year-old granddaughter Zoey with me while I was shopping for a swimsuit for an upcoming cruise. While I sorted through one section of the rack, she sorted through the other. Within a few minutes she had selected a swimsuit.
“Grandma, here is one for you,” she proudly declared.
“Oh, no, Zoey,” I said as I looked at the somewhat skimpy bikini she held up.
“Grandma needs a one-piece.”

“OK, Grandma,” she replied as she separated the top from the bottom, “which piece do you want?” *Kathy Bevans
Questions :
1. How many people were there in this passage?
2. Who were they?
3. Who was going for a cruise?
4. How many pieces of swimsuit did Zoey want her grandma to buy?

5. How many pieces of swimsuit did Grandma want to buy?

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