Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome Back

Hi everybody,
I'm very glad to teach you EC2 this term and hope you are happy to study it, as well. There are many interesting topics for you to study. Keep on working hard and you will reach the sky as you expect.
By the way, please tell me what you look like and what you are like.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

As Kids See It (3)

Karen, my daughter, and her three young children were flying off for a holiday.
Four-year-old Mattea listened intently as Karen carefully explained how chewing gum can relieve pressure in your ears.
As gum was shared, Mattea asked for more. Her mother refused, as Mattea often swallowed her gum.
“Well then, what do I put in my other ear?” Mattea asked. *Marilyn Norris
Questions :
1. Where were Karen and her children at the time?
2. Who was Mattea?
3. What helped relieve air pressure ?

4. How many chewing gums did Mattea want?

As Kids See It (2)

I had my four-year-old granddaughter Zoey with me while I was shopping for a swimsuit for an upcoming cruise. While I sorted through one section of the rack, she sorted through the other. Within a few minutes she had selected a swimsuit.
“Grandma, here is one for you,” she proudly declared.
“Oh, no, Zoey,” I said as I looked at the somewhat skimpy bikini she held up.
“Grandma needs a one-piece.”

“OK, Grandma,” she replied as she separated the top from the bottom, “which piece do you want?” *Kathy Bevans
Questions :
1. How many people were there in this passage?
2. Who were they?
3. Who was going for a cruise?
4. How many pieces of swimsuit did Zoey want her grandma to buy?

5. How many pieces of swimsuit did Grandma want to buy?

As Kids See It (1)

My four-year-old daughter, Madison, and I planted a small vegetable and herb garden for the first time this year.
She eagerly checked the progress of the seeds every morning and every evening. One morning, while she was eating her multigrain toast, I watched her carefully extract a large seed from the bread.
“Mum,” Madison said, handing me the seed, “now we can grow toast!” *Lori Sawyer
Questions :
1. How old was Lori’s daughter?
2. What was her name?
3. What did they plant?
4. Which part of the tree can we grow a new one?
5.Can you grow toast?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let's Review

We are going to practise reading skill in our class and there are some interesting grammar points for you to review. They are as follows :
1. Tenses : Verb Forms
2. Noun & Pronoun
3. Adjectives & Comparison

4. Adverbs
5. Voice : Active & Passive Voice
6. Conditional Sentences (If Clause I, II, III)
7. Conjunctions
8. Phrasal Verbs
9. Articles : A, An, The
10.Modal Verbs
11. Prefix-Suffix

Let's review each point by presentation in class, okay?
By the way,what is your interesting topic?

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Good job, everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Self Introduction

Hello everybody,
Please introduce yourself on your webblog.
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