Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let's Review

We are going to practise reading skill in our class and there are some interesting grammar points for you to review. They are as follows :
1. Tenses : Verb Forms
2. Noun & Pronoun
3. Adjectives & Comparison

4. Adverbs
5. Voice : Active & Passive Voice
6. Conditional Sentences (If Clause I, II, III)
7. Conjunctions
8. Phrasal Verbs
9. Articles : A, An, The
10.Modal Verbs
11. Prefix-Suffix

Let's review each point by presentation in class, okay?
By the way,what is your interesting topic?


p_ponyiam said...

My Interesting topic is prefix-suffix.
Friendly - root word (friend) + suffix (-ly)
Unfriendly - prefix (un-) + root word (friend) + suffix (-ly)
Friendliness - root word (friend) + suffix (-ly) + suffix (-ness)

pornchai said...

My Interesting Prepositions
Prepositions of Time is (in,on,at)
Prepositions of Place is (in,on,at)
Prepositions อื่นๆ is (under,with,by)

little`pirate` said...

My Interesting is conjunctions.
For exampie and,or,but,because,so,
either...or,neither...nor,as well as,not only...but aslo etc.