Saturday, July 12, 2008

Self Introduction

Hello everybody,
Please introduce yourself on your webblog.
And you can add your own picture or your family member's with their names.
Enjoy blogging!


suparwon said...

Sawasdee kha,I'm happy to introduce myself here.please take a look at my webblog.

Korapath said...

Sawasdee Kha.
My Name is Koraphat Na laeiad.
I'm happy to introduce maself here.Please take a look at ma webblog :

Jiraporn said...

Sawasdee Kha
My name is Jiraporn Madrangsarid.
You may learn more about myself

adunkiat said...

Hello everyone
My name is ADUNKIAT SRIANUNT. You may leam more about my self at:

Anongnad said...

hello everyone,
My name is Anongnad Chooduang.
You may learn more about myself at :
Have a nice day,

p_ponyiam said...

Hello everybody cosmopolite,
My name is Piyanun Ponyiam. Please take an interest reach see My webblog :

pakatip said...

Hello teacher
My name is Pakatip Supap. You may leam more my self at :

Jirapan said...

Hello everyone, I'am pleased to introduce you a brief personal information. Please access :
Request have fun it